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  • 7 Days: 8am to 6pm


  • Full Service Car Wash $17.50
  • Exterior Car Wash $9.00

  • Basic Oil Change $35.95*
  • *most cars

Zap Car Wash

Did you know that your vehicle operates under two different types of driving conditions? The manufacturer of your vehicle defines the different kinds of driving conditions as "normal" and "severe". Do you operate your vehicle in any of the conditions listed here?

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In the New Jersey/New York metropolitan area we Zap Lube consider the above conditions as normal (these are the normal conditions we are subjected to). The conditions are, in fact, severe driving conditions for your vehicle! The conditions mentioned above are very hard and stressful on your engine. Stop and go traffic, extensive idling, and short trips are particularly hard on your vehicle's engine.

The oil change interval for your vehicle is based on the driving conditions. If you are operating your vehicle under severe conditions then you need Zap Lube to have your oil changed every 3000 miles. 3000 mile oil change interval is determined by the manufacturer of your vehicle (please consult your vehicles owners manual).

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