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Simple. Experience, dedication and trust. ZAP Car wash pledges to offer the most modern equipment available and its well-trained staff of professionals is dedicated to your satisfaction. We have over 25 years in the car wash industry. We are a local family owned and operated company. Most importantly we are proud to be car washers!

No, the wax from the car wash will not adhere to glass. The "rainbow like" streaks that you are seeing are caused by deposits of road film, mainly grease and oil from car and truck exhaust that get trapped under the wipers. Once the car has been washed and the glass is clean, the next time you use the wipers you are moving the wipers that have the oil residue on the blades across the clean glass causing the streaking. A solution to this is after having the car washed use a paper towel with some white vinegar or window cleaner on it and run it across the wiper blades, you'll be amazed at what you find. Also replace the wipers at the first sign of wear this will extend the life of the windshield and increase your vision in inclement weather.
This is a common misconception. New cars, (those from the mid eighties to present) have a new style paint called clear coat. This clear coat is actually paint with no color pigment but it is susceptible to the effects of rain, snow, salt, bird droppings and other environmental pollutants. The painted surface when magnified has millions of small valleys that can hold surface contaminants that can damage the clear coat finish. Earlier models of vehicles had many layers of paint and early paste waxes have small abrasive particles which actually acted as a type of mild sandpaper which would remove the damaged layers of paint. Using this type of waxing process can damage the new clear coat finishes. The clear coat finishes need to be cared for, once damage is done to a clear coat finish many times the only way to correct it is to have the vehicle repainted. ZAP Car Wash offers Blue Coral brand clear coat safe waxes and polishes both in the tunnel applications as well as in our Express Detailing Centers. The waxes are designed to work with the finish to help preserve its life and keep it looking new for many years.
Many years ago some car wash operators used plastic brushes to clean cars, this is where the term brushes came from. Today, as always, ZAP Car Washes uses only 100% soft cloth to clean your vehicle. The cloth is rinsed with fresh water during every car wash to ensure the cloth is cleaned thoroughly. The equipment is inspected daily as well as replaced frequently to ensure the safest possible environment for washing your car. There are other types of car washing equipment packages available, such as high pressure touchless systems, in the opinion of the owners of ZAP Car Wash and it's managers using soft cloth is the superior way to wash a car.
The age of computers has even touched the car wash industry. Every vehicle is measured precisely by multiple sets of electric eyes that measure the length as well as the height of each vehicle. We have created installed new computer system that has given us greater control over the car washing process. For example we know exactly where the tires are so we can apply exactly the correct amount of wheel cleaner to just the tires.
Yes. Zap car wash does use well water. We don't use any city water in the process. Our own well supplies all the needed water. The water is filtered and softened before used in the car wash.
The spots that you are noticing that look like water spots are actually the remnants of acid rain. When rain or snow falls it captures environmental pollutants such as Sulfloric and nitric acids from factory, automobile and truck exhaust. That rain, snow or even the morning dew contains pollutants that settle to the bottom of the water drop on your car's finish, when the sun heats and evaporates the water it leaves behind the concentrated acid that etches the clear coat paint finish. It leaves jagged edged spots that look similar to a water spot but it cannot be removed. In some cases this spot can be removed by a high speed buffing of the finish but in the majority of the cases it is not repairable. Prevention is the key here. Keep a good coat of wax on the finish and wash the car especially after a rain or snowstorm. New car manufactures have taken notice of the problem and have attempted to protect their cars; you may have noticed a protective white plastic sheet over the flat areas of a car that are exposed to the rain and sun.
Express detail is the name given to a branch of services in our Full Service "Inside and Out" Car Wash facilities. It was designed to provide detailing services to our customers whose vehicles need just a little extra to give them that new car shine and look. Express Detailing, Handwaxing, Carpet Shampooing, and Interior Cleaning is done while you wait usually 20 minutes per service after the car is washed and dried. We use the most advanced products from Simoniz, the trusted and oldest name in car care products. Our Express detailing Services are done while you wait. There is no appointment necessary. We recommend an express detail service once every three months, a good rule of thumb is when you get your oil changed get your car waxed.
Weekly. Washing your car once a week will ensure that the vehicle's surface is being cared for properly. Make washing your car part of a weekly ritual. If you go for many weeks without washing your car you may have allowed irreparable damage from acid rain, bird droppings, bugs or salt to occur. For many people their car is the second largest investment they make after their home. Doesn't it make sense to protect it? Feel Good in a clean car and increase the value at trade time.
This is a critical time for the life of your paint. Pollutants, such as sulfuric and nitric acids from automobile, truck and factory exhaust become trapped in rain drops or snow flakes, these settle on your car and as the sun heats them and evaporates the water it leaves behind concentrated acid that can damage the finish.
The protective coating applied by the manufacturer or after market does provide some protection to the undercarriage. The underside of your car is susceptible to pollutants as well. Every time you drive through a puddle you are splashing up contaminants. The undercarriage of your car takes a tremendous punishment from small stones that are kicked up by your tires. These stones bombard the undercarriage and nick your undercarriage's armor and expose bare metal. Once rust gets a foothold it will spread regardless of the protection. The undercarriage treatment will rinse and flush the undercarriage and then apply a rust inhibitor to your undercarriage, which will help prevent the harmful effects of rust. The undercarriage treatment will not effect any of the electronics of your vehicle it is designed to be a full coverage low pressure (similar to driving through a puddle) rinse and application of a rust inhibitor product.

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